The University of Canterbury Postgraduate Students' Association (UC PGSA) is a University of Canterbury Club affiliated under the University of Canterbury Students' Association (UCSA). We are the only Club on campus that has a primary focus on postgraduate students and requires all Committee members to be current postgraduate students.

All Committee members are volunteers and are elected for one year. They provide the direction of the Club and organise all activities, events, communication, and advocacy. The Committee focus for UC PGSA is to provide a voice and social support for all UC students 400 level and above.


UC PGSA organises social events to encourage professional and social interaction with a wide variety of interdisciplinary postgraduate members, supervisors, faculty and future employers. It also provides opportunities for peer guidance, support, advocacy, communication and networking.


UC PGSA supports the Postgraduate Office's academic and professional development seminars and lectures. Social events run by UC PGSA include meet ups, quiz nights, trips away and an annual postgraduate ball.

Our executive committee comprises a range of domestic and international postgraduates and we have liaisons and advocates for postgraduates across the University, all of whom work hard to raise and maintain the unique status of postgraduates at UC. 

We are all about improving the postgraduate community through networking, workshops and opportunities.

where do our funds come from?

We receive money from the Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC) of Innovation and Research each year. This varies in amount but has been around $10,000 each year. We are NOT funded by the UCSA, however we can apply for grants like other Clubs.

2017: The 2016 Committee finished the year with $8809 in surplus. We have received a $5000 grant from the DVC for the first part of the year specifically for academic events. 


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