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A crash course in the UCSA Elections

Who are the UCSA?
The University of Canterbury Students' Association is the advocacy and social side of the University. Their funding comes from your student levy. The UCSA is governed by 12 students.

Why are they relevant to postgrads?
The UCSA governs and represents ALL students. That includes you.

Wait. If they represent me, why aren't there postgrads on the exec?
There is one postgrad: Thomas Gillman (hopefully you've heard of him by now! If not, start reading your emails…). Gillman holds the UCSA PG Rep role. This role is now required to be held by a postgrad. All the other positions are open to any students. 

However, the roles require students to nominate themselves and run. In the past, postgraduate students have not run.

So what positions are there?
President (full time): $50'000 per annum
Vice-President (20hours/week): $21'000 per annum
Finance Officer (20hours/week): $21'000 per annum
Equity and Wellbeing Rep (10hours/week): $5020 per annum
Postgraduate Representative: (10hours/week): $5020 per annum
x7 General Exec (10hours/week): $5020 per annum
   + Te Akatoki Representative

What do you want me to do?
Well if you're interested in running, find out some more information. Unlike club positions, these are PAID, and you're involved in governing a $9million organisation -- not bad for the CV.

I don't understand. How am I supposed to help?
If you don't want to run, then VOTE. Have your say. Engage with the election campaign and pick students that you think fit what you want out of the campus. If you want to make a change, this is the best way to do it, as the people selected will be your representative for the coming year.

The take-home message:
Be proactive and aware of what is happening at this university.

Election Dates:

July 26 - Aug 4th: Nominations open for UCSA elections
Aug 5th - 15th: Campaigning
Wednesday August 16th - Friday 18th: VOTING

For more information please read the UCSA website.